There is strength in numbers and training in a group with like minded individuals makes any type of fitness more fun and less hard work. 

Let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be your fuel to keep pushing and get the most out of the hour.

Modern day classes, designed to get you into the best shape ever!

Come join the TRIBE at the new ELS Countryclub in Sports City (Dubai) .

To become Fierce, to be Fearless and ultimately Free to lead the life YOU want, the way you want, you must surround yourself with those who you TRUST.


People who will lift you up in times of struggle, using actions not just words to support you. People who are trustworthy and speak the truth.


You must also be THIS person.


Look out for others, give something back. Believe in yourself and take responsibility for your own life. 


Be FIERCE in your choices, in the actions you take, the path you follow. FEARLESS to push your boundaries, challenge your limitations and face your fears. FREE in your thoughts, free from worry and ultimately free to be You.

I am also immensely proud of the TRIBE that I have built up over the lat few years in Dubai.

Teaching group fitness classes has always been a huge passion of mine which I have enjoyed for many years, but It is in the recent years that I have discovered how the power of women working together can have a profound and lasting effect on lifelong health and fitness.

Each and every one of the women who are members bring a different & dynamic quality to the Tribe which is immensely valuable in their success & those of the women around them.

I am proud to say that I have not only helped these women reach their goals, but they have also helped me reach mine.