With over 20 years of experience as a Fitness Professional I saw an opportunity a few years ago after moving to Dubai. Women from all backgrounds, cultures, ages and sizes had a desire to get fitter and live a healthier life, but didn't have the confidence or know how to do it. I decided to try and build a community of Women who could all work out together regardless of their abilities, and so 'Leo Tribe Fitness' was born.

Each year I've welcomed new ladies and said goodbye to others as they've moved on in the world, but always maintained the same ethos behind my training.

No matter who you are, collectively with other women you can grow to be your best self.

Always looking to develop the community I have started 'Leo Tribe Escapes' a Wellness Retreat purely for women. With emphasis on being active in nature but with a touch of Luxury and bringing together women from all over the world for a week they'll never forget.

My Training and Escapes are for every type of woman out there, and I hope to meet you soon. 


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

00971 (0)55-461-9721