I class my 3 cubs as my highest achievements in life, but on a professional level, I am ever so proud of winning the 2017 Reps UAE Front Cover Competition. 

This achievement means a lot to me, because it pushed me out of MY comfort zone, I put myself out there for others to judge. I decided to enter the competion because I wanted to represent all REAL women eveywhere. I wanted to show that self belief, a positive mind set and with the right TRIBE, you really can achieve your dreams and find success and happiness in your life.

Reps UAE Front Cover 2017

I am also immensely proud of the TRIBE that I have built up over the lat few years in Dubai.

Teaching group fitness classes has always been a huge passion of mine which I have enjoyed for many years, but It is in the recent years that I have discovered how the power of women working together can have a profound and lasting effect on lifelong health and fitness.

Each and every one of the women who are members bring a different & dynamic quality to the Tribe which is immensely valuable in their success & those of the women around them.

I am proud to say that I have not only helped these women reach their goals, but they have also helped me reach mine.   


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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