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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

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Do I need a good level of fitness to attend your retreat?

Absolutely not, although we do require you to be in good physical health and able to walk a good distance without difficulty. We can give you an easy 'fitness' plan to follow before your time with us if you require & this will help you feel more confident before you arrive. 

What if I've never hiked before?

While it's desirable for you to have done a good amount of walking before you visit us, it's not necessary. A good base level of fitness will see you through. Like most things though, if you are prepared and used to walking longer distances you will get more enjoyment from your time with us.

Are the Yoga & Fitness sessions compulsory?

Not at all. The yoga every morning is a 30 min 'Awakening' yoga that incorporates gentle breathing & stretching. While we encourage all our guests to enjoy the benefits of starting their day with this practice, we know it's not for everyone & sometimes you may just want a little longer in bed.

The afternoon fitness sessions vary in form & may include anything from boxing to bootcamp and everything in between. they are tailored to suit each unique group & again are completely optional. Should you have a day where you require a little more activity or you wish to gain some 'real' fitness over the week then we highly encourage you to participate. However, If the days hike has  given you enough & you wish to have some time to enjoy the hotel then please do.

What will the food be like?

You will be served a range of healthy dishes throughout your stay, in the typical Georgian style. Food will be locally sourced & wholesome. This is not a 'weight loss' retreat, so there is no calorie counting, but all meals will be nutritionally balanced to meet the activities of the week.

Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

Yes we do. Just let us know when you book & we'll be sure to sort it for you.

Whar are the rooms like?

There are two types of accomodation you can chose from. King Rooms are booked on a Single Occupancy basis and the Twin rooms for double occupancy. Both rooms have Mountain views and come equipped with rainfall showers, safe deposit boxes, 32'' LCD T.V.'s, Arm chair, desk & private balconies, and all the other amenities you might expect.

I'm coming alone but would like to share a room with someone, is this possible?

We can definitely ask any of our other solo guests if they'd like to share a room.

Is there Wi-fi access?

There's good, free wifi in your room and around the hotel & we can help you purchase a SIM card if you wish, so yo can connect while you're away from the hotel.

What will the weather be like?

The weather in October is usually milder, and there are few days of rain. However being a Mountain region it is hard to predict the excat climate and the weather can change imminently. In past years the temperature has typically been between 16- 25 degrees during the day and 8-16 degrees at night. We reccomend a good lightweight raincoat and plenty of layers to combat all possible weather scenarios for this region. 

Why is this retreat for women only?

We believe strongly in the power of a group and nothing holds truer to this than a collective of like minded women. All on the same journey for a common cause, you will be motivated to lift each other up and empowering each other to reach your full potential. With support, love, laughter and a down right bad ass attitude you will make friends for life & memories you'll never forget.

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