It is important to me that I work with Professionals who share the same vision and values.

For the 'Triple F' programme I partnered with

Tamara Bennet Nutritionist MSc KCL. RNutr.(Public Health). AMRSPH,  to build the Meal Plan.

Her many years of experience and knowledge lend a much reputable element to the programme.

She is available in my home county of Devon, England for face to face consultations or via skpe world wide.

A registered member of the 'Association of Nutrition' and a busy Mum to three active children, Tamara has enjoyed a life long interest in nutrition and health and considers herself a responsible, dedicated and conscientious nutritionist. 


Tamara understands that food is one of life’s pleasures which she tries to keep in mind when devising diets and strategies for clients when discussing their nutritional needs.

She bases all her advice on scientific and clinical evidence but this does not mean that her advice is ‘standardised’. She believes that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ in nutrition. She insists that we are all biochemically unique and our likes and dislikes are as varied as we are individual and all recommendations are on a case-by-case basis.

Abby Lawson is not only a highly talented photographer but also a wonderful friend.

Her style of photography and ability to capture the true 'essence' of her clients sets her apart in her field.

Abby is available for hire in the UAE and Canada.

''I love photographing people and things doing what they do... my vision is to portray my subjects as they are and tell their story in it's most delightfully raw form. 


The marvelous thing about art is that it can be found absolutely everywhere and often in the most unexpected places''.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

00971 (0)55-461-9721