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Do I Have Time to Read This?!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Yes, you most definitely do. Here's why.....

I'm a mum to three highly spirited children (this is a nice term for kids that are both challenging little *h%*s!, but also adorable, hilarious mini adults, all at the same time) who I refer to as my cubs. Why 'cubs'? Because simply they are like little Lions (don't laugh), fierce, fearless and free and I am the Mummy Lion trying to keep it all together, and Daddy is the 'King of the Jungle', of course ;-).

Our household is truly like a 'jungle' at times, in all senses of the word and we are a TRIBE that works together, through the good times and the bad. It is this belief and reality through which 'Leo Tribe Fitness' was born.

I am dedicated to training, coaching, motivating, inspiring and ultimately helping women of all shapes, ages and backgrounds transform into the best version of themselves, all whilst trying to keep it 'real'.

I believe that success (feeling truly great about yourself) starts from the ground up and should involve the whole family and your friends.

So, why should you read what I have to say over the millions of other female fitness bloggers out there? Simply..I really am a 'normal' woman, just like you.

I've had many life struggles and heartaches, ups and downs, loves and losses, but I'm more happy today than I've ever been, and in the greatest shape of my life. All after having three children, living in three different countries and living with a complicated medical condition.

How have I achieved all this? Well, you didn't seriously think I was going to give all my secrets away in the first post?... did you?!

I believe in looking after three primary areas if you want to truly become the best version of 'YOU'. Firstly your 'Health', this includes fitness and good nutrition. Your 'Mind', self belief, a positive attitude and mental balance and lastly 'Others', giving back, being grateful and understanding what those who you love and cherish need.

I live by the two little words: NO EXCUSES! It may sound cliche and well, it is a bit, but this is just the beginning to something bigger and better. Don't think of excuses, don't make them, they don't exist! Don't even let a glimmer of an excuse creep into your mind. Don't question it, just live by it. You are the maker of your life, YOU are the reason you'll be a success or a failure. Everything you ASK for will be delivered!

Sounds like some other mumbo jumbo crap? Well if you think so, that's cool. Log off now and I wish you all the best in your life. If not, and you want to know more, then stay with me. I'm going to share some of the tools I use to be successful with you.

I welcome your comments and questions. Think of reading these blogs as if you and I were just having a 'cuppa' (for the brits) or 'coffee' and let me know what you think. I will not however tolerate 'trolls' (and I don't mean the funky rainbow haired, happy singing type), negativity or anyone who generally has such a sad life they have nothing better to do than read my stuff and leave bad comments!

I don't claim to be something I'm not and everything is just my personal opinion, but it's working and I'd love to share with you how.

Excuse the grammar, spelling mistakes, over use of exclamation and quotation marks! I don't have an English degree, in fact I don't have any degree. I write these posts during/after a 'Full on' day of work and Mummy Duties, usually trying to fend off an advancing three year old and counting down the hours to said child's bed time! I write how I speak, to try and give you an authentic version of myself and hope you can relate.

Till next time Chica's (I'm not Spanish, but it sounds nice)

Love Emma x

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