Don't Crack Up!

Mental Balance... Before you can even begin to start work on your body effectively and for that work to become an every day habit, you must first work on the state of your mind. So many times I see people who have drastic body transformations, losing a heap of weight only to eventually pile it all back on again and more! What gives?

Whilst these people have maintained a SHORT TERM ability to control their lifestyle habits and commit to a 6/8/12 week programme, they have failed to address the underlying issues that are stopping them from continually leading a healthy life. Does this sound familiar?

For some of you, these issues will be deep rooted and may track back to childhood, with a whole host of reasons including....being force fed as a toddler, always told to clear your plate, having parents that led an unhealthy life etc. (It's important to know that healthy living goes both ways, including those of you who struggle to gain weight or eat enough, but for this blog I will be focusing on 'losing weight' and 'getting in shape').

Not all issues are deep rooted however and can be down to you simply being too lazy! Or maybe you've just formed a 'bad habit' that needs to be broken, you might not have a supportive partner or perhaps your circle of friends are 'bad influences' or do you just lack the knowledge and education to do what's right?

Whatever the cause or reason, you MUST decide to TAKE CONTROL of your own life. No-one is responsible for you other than YOU! If you need help confronting an issue that is deep rooted, then seek professional guidance. You will never succeed in being successful with leading a healthy life until your mind is FREE of what it is that's holding you back and you have MENTAL BALANCE.

Living healthy is not a chore, it is a way of life that helps prolong your life and make you feel better. You should make the CHOICE to lead a life that makes you the best version of yourself because you want to be HAPPY and FREE and you want happiness and freedom for those around you.

Don't blame others for the way you feel or for the mistakes you have made, they are NOT in control of you. Make peace with your past and move on, realise that you really only have ONE LIFE to live, and it's your decision to start living it.

Clear your mind of doubt, worry, distraction, sadness and anything else that's stopping you from feeling 'free'. Remember that this is a PROCESS that takes time, but start today by telling yourself that you really are 'WORTH IT' (and not because L'oreal tells you so)!

A great mental exercise to do, is to start writing a list of ALL the POSITIVE things in your life. You could start with:

1. I'm alive!

You're already way better of than a lot of other people! (post on 'Realising how lucky you are' coming later)

So begin NOW, and work hard every day on your mental balance, so that you can be successful in achieving the physical state you desire.


Emma x

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