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Welcome to  'We Are Leo Tribe' a health and wellness company based in Dubai that provides female centered group fitness classes for every type of woman and exceptional retreats that cater to all personalities and desires.

Our focus is on building your body & confidence through 'Leo Tribe Fitness' with our uniquely designed interval training classes. Suitable for all women and all abilities, we place an emphasis on creating a fun, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which every one feels accepted and confident to be who they are, and the power of the group is harnessed to enhance your exercise ability and increase your motivation.

Leo Tribe Escapes are carefully curated retreats that cater to all desires and take part in beautiful natural locations paired with luxury accommodation and top class service. From fitness, adventure, wellness & culture, all of our escapes will empower you to be exactly who you are surrounded by like minded women who you'll make memories and lifelong friendships with. This is truly where nature meets nurture with everything in between, we are a diverse company that celebrates the uniqueness of all women.


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