''Emma is an amazing leader and instructor and her classes are fantastic, professional, inspiring and worth every penny!!


She makes you feel important and is always watching technique and offering advice, each class is so different that you don't know what to expect which keeps you challenged no matter what your fitness level!!


Would highly recommend''. 

Emma Andrews

" Emma radiates positivity and inspires and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals in a fun, friendly and very approachable way; she truly understands and relates to the needs of her clients with very insightful classes that incorporate physical fitness as well as mental wellbeing.


I wanted to have noticeable results but I knew that this would require pushing the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of and that I had to stay focused on my goals.  Emma ensured that I had the right mental attitude to take on and accomplish the necessary physical challenges and I witnessed remarkable changes to my fitness levels and body shape within a matter of weeks." 

Katherine Arbuthnott

'Emma is simply amazing! She not only helped me to get fit again (working around countless injuries!) but helped me in so many other ways too. Her classes and gym sessions are fun and social and it was just what I needed to get back on track!

She has a genuine interest in you and  takes your whole journey on board when going through fitness goals and expectations. She understands that it's not just about how you look that can make you feel better about yourself but how by eating right and having a clearer mindset can make all the difference- and it certainly did for me!

I think it's important to know that Emma is a mum. She understands what it's like, how busy it can be and how it can take over your life at times. She gives just the right encouragement and guidance to help you find time for yourself as well as your family- which some of us mums need help with!

Emma is not only an AMAZING personal trainer she also has all the qualities of a great friend too!'